TunLite LED – energy saving, solid, maintenance-free performance for tunnel lighting

TunLite LED

    Product family information

    Tunnel operators need lighting for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians that also minimizes energy costs and disruptive maintenance.TunLite LED is a LED-based luminaire for tunnel and underpass lighting. Its patented lens system allows a more efficient distribution than with conventional technologies. Luminance is the same while illuminance is lower which leads to less energy consumption. The optical concept also improves the spacing-to-height ratio. Light output can easily be adjusted and there is a choice of three different beams.Slim and pre-cabled, TunLite LED is easy to install, while its robust pure anodized housing, reliable LED sources and multiple drivers mean zero-maintenance.


    Energy reduction and excellent uniformity compared to conventional technologies
    Great modularity in lumen output and light distribution to cover all lighting requirements in any tunnel type.
    Pure anodized aluminium body provides perfect LED’s heat management and extreme anti corrosion protection.
    Robust concept – no maintenance required
    Flat glass for easy cleaning
    Quick and easy to install


    Efficient multi-layer optical system
    High-grade materials and finishing
    Over-dimensioned thermal and power management
    Multiple power supplies


    Covered car parks
    Public and industrial areas
    Product family details
    • BCP560
    Light source
    • Integral LED-module
    • GreenLine (GRN): 57 - 74 W depending on LED configuration
    • EconomyLine (ECO): 83 - 109 W depending on LED configuration
    Luminaire efficacy
    • Up to 93 lm/W
    Correlated Color Temperature
    • 4000 K, neutral white
    Color Rendering Index
    • ≥ 76, neutral white
    Maintenance of lumen output - L80F10
    • GreenLine: 100,000 hours
    • EconomyLine: 70,000 hours
    Driver failure rate
    • 0.05% per 5000 hours
    Operating temperature range
    • - 20 ºC < Ta< 35 ºC
    • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
    Mains voltage
    • 210-240 V / 50-60 Hz
    Inrush current
    • 108 A / 140 us
    Controls system input
    • 1-10 V and DALI
    • Dimming:
    • LumiStep; 6, 8 and 10 hours
    • StarSense
    • DynaDimmer
    • Constant Light Output
    • 1-10 V input
    • Dedicated tunnel optic (distribution symmetrical narrow - DSN)
    Optical cover
    • Glass, flat
    • Housing: pure aluminum, anodized
    • End caps: high-pressure, die-cast aluminum with marine grade coating layers
    • Cover: extra clear thermally hardened glass, 5 mm thick
    • Natural anodized aluminum (RAL 9006)
    • Multiblock connector (5 functions)
    • Special bracket for quick maintenanceInstallation
    • Dedicated fixation and brackets available on request
    • Recommended mounting height: 5 to 6 m
    • Delivered with 2 m mains supply cable H07RN-F
    • Adjustable tilt angle: no
    • Adjustable light distribution: no
    • Ceiling mounting bracket (delivered with product)
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