Lighting up tunnels for optimum safety



  • Lighting up tunnels for optimum safety

    • Maximized energy savings. Reduces the need to install numerous luminaires to deliver optimized energy savings of up to 50%
    • Optimal safety. Provides enough illuminance, perfect uniformity and minimized glare, and complies with tunnel lighting norm to ensure protection and complete visibility in the tunnel
    • Easy installation. Equipped with mounting brackets that can be adjusted +/60 degrees to fully adapt to different tunnel applications


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Product family information

A lighting design that ensures safety and good visibility is a key element in the success of any tunnel project. Philips FlowBase combines compact design, reliability, and affordability in one complete package to bring the perfect lighting solution for any tunnel application.


Design based on the latest construction and lighting technology
Cost-effective LED alternative to conventional tunnel luminaire
Excellent thermal design which has been tested to operate in extreme environments (luminaire can operate at temperature up to 45C Ta)
Sleek and fully sealed luminaire without any screws on the front cover


2-lane tunnels: 12-14m width, symmetrical or staggered installation, with up to 60-80km/hr speed
2- to 3-lane tunnels: 14-15m width, symmetrical installation, with up to 60-80km/hr speed
2-lane tunnels: 9-10m width, staggered installation, with up to 60-80km/hr speed

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