Compact and robust

Tempo 4 RVP451

Product family information

The Contempo projector has a highly innovative design. It is made of cast aluminum with a powder coating to ensure greater protection when used outdoors. It has a dedicated housing for auxiliary equipment (ballast, igniter, and capacitor), which is mounted on an aluminum chassis and ensures excellent heat dissipation.


Lightweight, compact
Philips solution: lamp, ballast, and luminaire
IP65: provides increased security for the installation and protects equipment within the luminaire
Anodized aluminum reflector ensures excellent light distribution
Tempered glass front
Stainless-steel fixing clips
Two beam options: greater flexibility for the designer


Seamless integration with the architecture of the site
Extremely robust and resistant for outdoor use
Equipped with lamp
Available in symmetrical and asymmetrical versions
Easy maintenance and access to parts


Functional: ports, storage areas, parking areas, construction sites
Recreation / sports: training grounds, sports courts, swimming pools
Decorative: facades, buildings, billboards, gardens, courtyards, fountains, bridges, landscapes
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Product family details
  • RVP451
Power supply
  • 220 V
  • 60 Hz
Number of lamps
  • 1 or 2
Power and lamp models
  • 1 x SON-T / E40 /400, 600 W
  • 2 x SON-T / E40 /400, 600 W
  • 1 x SON-T / E40 /1000 W
  • 1 x HPI-T / E40 /1000 W
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