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      SLS projectors are lightweight and compact. Ideal for outdoor lighting, they are designed for use with 1500 W metal-halide lamps or 1000 W sodium vapor lamps. They are available in two beam apertures: open and closed. A high-gloss aluminum reflector with enclosed glass front provides protection against dust. They are easy to install and deliver excellent lighting performance.


      High-gloss aluminum reflectors, available for two different beam apertures
      Enclosed glass front that does not allow water to enter
      Wiring: flexible cable with 1.5 mm2 cross-section with fiber-glass insulation
      Maintenance: easy access to equipment by releasing the cover and loosening the screws. Lamp is accessed by releasing the three stainless-steel fasteners and tilting the rim of the glass. Cleaned with a soft, clean, damp cloth with a solution of alcohol and water (50%)


      Extremely robust and resistant for outdoor use
      Equipped with lamp and ballast (housing fixed to the reflector)
      Various beam aperture options to suit different needs
      Easy maintenance and access to parts


      Sports areas
      Building facades
      Product family details
      • MVP128
      • MVP158
      Power and lamp models
      • 1 x MH / E39 / 1500 W
      • 1 x SON-T / E40 / 1000 W
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