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In today’s environment of continuous innovation, it’s not often that a genuine breakthrough in technology is made. But that’s exactly what the new Mini 300 is. Mini 300 is an innovation from Philips with the latest technology of optics that improves the efficiency of the total lighting system. It is suitable to be applied in various types of lighting installations, be it for indoor or outdoor applications. Here are more reasons why Mini 300 is amongst one of Philips’ many best-in-class lighting solutions.Less energy consumption Mini 300’s high efficiency even helps you save your operating and maintenance costs, resulting in a significantly lower cost of ownership.Excellent color rendering Mini 300’s unparalleled ‘daylight’ color rendering of Ra 96 creates an inviting atmosphere.Compact design A smaller lamp means smaller housing and smaller cut out dimensions for a more compact, stylish installation.Enhanced safety Mini 300’s specially engineered louvers shield people’s eyes from the burner, reducing glare and allowing for clearer vision.More corporate identity With the high color rendering and a color temperature that creates a daylight impression (4,200K), people see your true corporate colors as you intended.More sparkle The Mini 300’s minute burners are reflected on surfaces as tiny pinpoints of light, making things look brighter and cleaner.Easier cleaning Mini 300 is IP65, which means that it is well sealed, moreover it is jet and dust proof for easy hose spray cleaning.Many mounting possibilities The new Mini 300 can be recessed or surfacemounted in the canopy, or on poles and walls.Easy installation and maintenance It takes just one man and 10 minutes to install. Simply hang the luminiare with the provided mounting accessories, make the electrical connection, and swing the luminaire into its locking position. Couple this with Mini 300’s outstanding light output ratio of up to 85% and you can



Extremely high efficiency thanks to the ‘small’ lamp in combination with the patented specially coated reflector system giving 35% more efficiency than currentlly available solutions
Excellent uniform light distribution with an asymmetrical beam or a bi-directional beam creating outstanding illuminances on vertically oriented objects like cars, people, buildings, merchandise
The CDM-TD 70/150W and CDM-T 250W lamp with 4,200 degrees Kelvin in combination with a color rendering of 96 creates a natural daylight impression
The minute burners are reflected on surfaces as tiny pin-points of light. Cars sparkle and everything looks brighter and cleaner
The luminaire is well sealed to IP65, making it jet and dust proof for easy hose spray cleaning
Specially engineered louvres shield drivers’ eyes from the burner, so even from a fast moving vehicle, drivers can clearly see people on the forecourt


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Shoping malls
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