ClearFlood – LED solution for sports and area lighting



  • ClearFlood – LED solution for sports and area lighting

    • Designed for 1:1 retrofit, perfect for replacing conventional technology retaining the same electrical installation and poles.
    • Highly competitive solution offering an outstanding lux/euro ratio and energy savings.
    • Offering a large variety of lighting needs from recreational sport, areas and even road and steet , by providing a variety of optics used in the range.
    • Multiple control options ensure increased efficiency with intelligent lighting.


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Product family information

ClearFlood is a range of floodlights that lets you choose the exact number of lumens you need for your application. Designed around state-of-the-art LEDs and extremely high-efficiency optics, this very competitive solution offers an industry-leading lux per euro ratio and significant energy savings. The choice of different optics opens up new application possibilities for LEDs. ClearFlood is easy to install and perfect for replacing conventional light-points as it uses the same electrical installation and poles. Selecting the required light output is also straightforward.


Diversity of lumen outputs in only one form factor up to 37 klm (system)
Easy replacement of gear and PCB, no tooling required
CLO, DALI, CityTouch Ready controls
High LED and optical efficiency up to 145lm/W
100% Philips components
IP66 and IK09 protection
Long lifetime 100 Khrs (L80B10 at Ta 25°C)
Built-in driver class I & II
high surge protection : 6kV
Wide choice of optics to suit all applications - Sport and Areas lighting - Asymmetrical, Road and Symmetrical beams with or without louver (optional). New Asymmetrical Optic for Sport lighting (Tennis...)


BVP650 LED360 up to LED440 (are compatible with PerfectPlay Lighting systems and controls options in sports and area applications For recreational sports locations, ClearFlood can be connected to PerfectPlay. This is is an easy to use, dedicated system for remote management of both indoor and outdoor recreational sports facility lighting. It meets sports lighting norms and ensures players’ comfort and safety, and provides operational efficiency and significant energy reductions.


Small-scale recreational sports facilities
Industrial areas
Parking lots
Building facades
Roundabout, Intersection ..

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