Thema 2 LED: efficient and elegant round luminaire

Thema 2 LED

Thema 2 LED

  • Thema 2 LED: efficient and elegant round luminaire

    • Elegance of lyre fixation
    • Energy-efficient luminaire with performance optics


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Product family information

Thema T2 LED is a compact round luminaire designed to create ambience in the urban environment. A noticeable presence by day and by night, it reinforces the character of public spaces, giving them an air of timelessness. Designed for installation heights up to 6 meters, Thema 2 LED offers three different installation types: suspended or with Tenso or Belvedere lyres. Ideal for illuminating streets and roads, paths, squares and pedestrian areas with warm and comfortable light.


Installation flexibility; suspended, Belverdere and Tenso lyres
Compatible with all standard and advanced Philips lighting systems and CityTouch-ready
Easy on-site maintenance of the driver


City centers, side streets, residential streets, squares, cycle and footpaths, parks and playgrounds, parking areas

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