ParkView LED – a flexible luminaire for parks

ParkView LED

ParkView LED

  • ParkView LED – a flexible luminaire for parks

    • Uniform light output with minimized glare and spill light
    • Elegant yet unobtrusive element in urban settings


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Product family information

For urban settings, customers want a luminaire that combines unobtrusive elegance with operational efficiency. ParkView LED's unique construction of clear polycarbonate and white lamellas gives the luminaire a sense of lightness and minimalism. Its cone-shaped bowl marked in quarters, cone-shaped louver and base ensure a smooth transition to the pole. ParkView LED provides a symmetrical light distribution, and the vertical lamellas which direct the light towards the ground also cut spill light and minimize glare as they shield the light source. Design: Tegnestuen Bjarne Frost, Denmark


Stylish, minimalistic luminaire
Glare shield available for asymmetric light distribution – does not change the look of the luminaire
Efficient LEDs


Cycle and foot paths
Squares and plazas
Residential areas

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