Ocean Road LED – discreet elegance and fluidity shaping contemporary urban environments

Ocean Road LED

Product family information

The graceful and fluid lines of Ocean Road LED harmonize discreetly with all types of urban environment. This modular luminaire can be combined with various sets, such as straight, curved and inclined poles, brackets and wall-mounted luminaires. Designed for heights of 4 to 9 m, Ocean Road LED combines compactness, finesse and efficiency. Thanks to the LED engine, and use of application tailored optics, Ocean Road LED delivers outstanding quality of light and light performance, enabling significant energy savings.


Energy-efficient luminaire
Suitable for both renovation projects and new installations


Fluid, graceful design
Choice of dedicated optics
Can be combined with a variety of supports, including straight, curved and inclined poles, single and double brackets and wall-mounted fixtures


Main roads and side streets, pedestrian areas, squares, paths, boulevards and avenues
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Product family details
  • BRP708
Light source
  • Integral LED-module
  • Philips Xitanium Driver
  • Up to 85 W depending on configuration
Luminous flux
  • 1400 - 6900 (warm white), 1700 - 7600 lm (neutral white) depending on LED configuration
Luminaire efficacy
  • Up to 130 lm/W
Correlated Color Temperature
  • 3000 - 4000 K
Color Rendering Index
  • 80 - 70
Useful life
  • 100,000 hours at L90B10 minimum
Operating temperature range
  • -25 to +35 ºC
  • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
Mains voltage
  • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Inrush current
  • 40 W: 22 A/ 290 µs
  • LumiStep (LS), DynaDimmer (DDF), LineSwitch (D11), DALI
  • DN10, DN11,DM10, DM11, DM12, DM30, DM31, DM50, DM70, DW10, DW50, DX10, DX50, DX51, DX70, DS50, DPR1, DPL1
Optical cover
  • Flat glass, clear
  • Housing: high-pressure aluminum
  • Glass: thermally hardened, 5 mm thick
  • Housing: silver or ultra-dark grey, approx RAL 7043 (GR)
  • Other RAL or AKZO Futura colors available on request
  • Light module exchangeable by opening clip of the canopy
  • Direct fixation: MB
  • Articulated Fixation: MB - A20
  • Ocean Road LED dedicated bracket
  • Recommended mounting height: 4 - 8 m
  • Weight: 11 kg max
  • Max SCx: 0.05 m²
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