Milewide – pure and contemporary

MileWide LED Mini

MileWide LED Mini

  • Milewide – pure and contemporary

    • Extremely compact and sleek, timeless design
    • With the future proof LEDGINE module
    • Special Milewide masts available


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Product family information

Milewide is a pure, contemporary street-lighting luminaire designed in collaboration with Knud Holscher (Denmark). A complete solution with dedicated masts and brackets is available to ensure perfect integration in today's cityscape. Blending clean, simple design and high performance, the Milewide family encompasses three sizes: Mini Milewide, Milewide and Mega Milewide. Mini Milewide has been specially designed around CosmoPolis technology, thereby pushing the limits in terms of minimization and performance. This has been taken a further step forward with the incorporation of the latest LED technology. Milewide and Mega Milewide deliver high optical performance thanks to the adjustable road-lighting reflector and have been optimized for different street configurations.


Clean, Nordic design
LEDGINE module
Dedicated masts


Urban and architectural areas
Commercial and business centers
Product family details
  • BRS419
Light source
  • Integral LED-module
  • GreenLine (GRN): 20-29 W depending on LED configuration
  • EconomyLine (ECO): 29-49 W depending on LED configuration
Luminous flux
  • GreenLine: 1328-2527 lm
  • EconomyLine: 1856-3483 lm
Luminaire efficacy
  • Up to 90 lm/W
Correlated Color Temperature
  • Warm white (WW), 3000 K
  • Neutral white (NW), 4000 K
Color Rendering Index
  • ≥ 76, neutral white
  • ≥ 84, warm white
Maintenance of lumen output - L80F10
  • GreenLine: 90,000 hours
  • EconomyLine: 65,000 hours
Operating temperature range
  • -25 to +35 ºC
  • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
Mains voltage
  • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Light regulation: Lumistep LS-6, LS-8 and LS-10: 20, 31 W
  • Photocell: minicell 50 lx (P3), minicell 30 lx (P3-30)
  • Pre-equipped cables without plug: cable lengths 1.5, 4.5 or 6 m
  • Narrow street optic (NSO), medium street optic (MSO), wide street optic (WSO)
  • Frame and housing: die-cast aluminum
  • Clips, screws, clamps: stainless steel
  • Cover: polycarbonate, frosted with clear lenses
  • Internal heat sink: high-pressure die-cast aluminum, non-corrosive
  • Silver grey
  • Philips ultra-dark grey
  • Other RAL or AKZO Futura colors available on request
  • Wieland push-in connector 3-pole mains
Cable gland
  • M20
  • Easy to open the housing and simple replacement of LED module and driver
  • Side-entry mounting: lateral entry Ø 48 mm
  • Recommended mounting height: 3.5 to 6 m
  • Standard tilt angle side entry: 0º
  • Adjustable tilt angle: 5º
  • Adjustable light distribution: not applicable
  • Max SCx: 0.08 m
  • Dedicated mast and brackets available for different mounting possibilities

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