Libra - balance between elegant design and LED energy efficiency

Libra LED

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    Product family information

    The elegantly styled Libra luminaire is also available in an LED version. As a fundamental element of the overall design, the bowl has been retained. Consequently, existing Libra luminaires can be retrofitted as LED fixtures by using thePhilips standerdized Ledgine O engine.


    Versatile and efficient LED lighting solution in established luminaire family
    Sustainable and energy-saving solution with dimming options
    Elegant design, easy installation and maintenance


    Wide variety of Ledgine O optics and LED configurations for different road profiles
    One luminaire family for a broad range of outdoor applications
    Solid and stylish construction
    Saves energy and reduces carbon footprint
    Easy installation; also retrofit solution for installed base


    Traffic routes: urban main roads, cycle paths, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, parking areas
    Residential: streets, cycle paths and footpaths, roundabouts, squares/parks and playgrounds, parking areas
    City centers: boulevards and avenues, side streets, pedestrian crossings, squares and parks, public transport, cycle paths and footpaths, parking areas
    Large outdoor areas: industrial areas, harbors, airports, waterways, rail yards
    Product family details
    • BGP630 (Post top / side entry small version)
    • BGP631 (Side entry small version)
    • BGP632 (Post top 0º small version)
    • BGP635 (Post top/side entry large version)
    • BGP636 (Side entry large version)
    • BGP637 (Post top 0º large version)
    Light source
    • Built-in LED-module
    • 11 to 43 W in standard versions, depending on configuration
    Luminous flux
    • 1100 to 4750 lm in standard versions, depending on configuration
    Luminaire efficacy
    • 92 to 115 lm/W in standard versions, depending on configuration
    Correlated Color Temperature
    • 3000 K (WW)
    • 4000 K (NW)
    • 5700 K (CW)
    Color Rendering Index
    • 75
    Maintenance of lumen output - L80F10
    • GreenLine: 95.000 hours
    • EconomyLine: 65.000 hours
    Driver failure rate
    • 0,1% per 1000 hours
    Operating temperature range
    • -20 to +35 ºC
    • Integrated
    Mains voltage
    • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
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