Iridium² – lighting the road ahead

Iridium² Medium

Iridium² Medium

  • Iridium² – lighting the road ahead

    • Future-proof luminaire: maintenance very easy; no tools required for LED upgrade
    • Highly efficient lighting platform; no compromise on lighting quality thanks to flat glass
    • Full flexibility to cover all applications, with choice of price and technology


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Product family information

Iridium² is a family of road lighting luminaires designed for performance and sustainability. Depending on the application and budget, customers can start with LED, electronic HID or a mix of both technologies with the same luminaire. Whatever the initial choice, Iridium²’s modularity allows customers to upgrade their installations (LED to LED or e-HID to LED) whenever they want, simply by changing the light engine.The integration of LEDGINE, brand new HID optics, electronic gear and controls is a response to the growing demand for energy savings. The new Iridium² HID optics are designed to deliver best-in-class lighting performance while offering tremendous flexibility in application. All these features, combined with Iridium²’s ease of installation and maintenance, ensure that customers enjoy low cost of ownership.


LEDGINE inside
Best-in-class optics
Electronic gear (Philips Xtreme gear)
Integrated controls


Roads: highways and motorized traffic within and between cities
Streets: mixed traffic and residential streets
Walking/cycling paths, car parks, roundabouts
Product family details
  • SGP352
Light source
  • HID:
  • MASTER CosmoWhite CPO-TW / PGZ12 / 60, 90, 140 W
  • MASTER SON-T PIA Plus / E27 / 50, 70 W
  • MASTER SON-T PIA Plus / E40 / 100, 150 W
  • MASTER CityWhite CDO-TT / E40 / 100, 150 W
  • Electronic, High Frequency 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
  • Electronic (EB)
Mains voltage
  • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Flexible optic 1 (FX1) for Cosmopolis lamps
  • Flexible optic 2 (FX2) for Cosmopolis lamps
  • Flexible optic 1 (FX1) for SON lamps
  • Flexible optic 2 (FX2) for SON lamps
Optical cover
  • Flat glass (FG)
  • Flat glass with DynaClean coating (FGD)
  • Flat glass, extra clear
  • Light regulation:
  • Stand alone dimming via Lumistep
  • Stand alone dimming via programmable Lumistep
  • Lineswitch via Pilot Line
  • Mains Dimming
  • Light Level Adjustment
  • External dimming DALI
  • Dimming via Telemanagement DALI
  • Dimming via Telemanagement RF
  • Photocell: NEMA socket, Minicell
  • Fuses
  • Pre-cabled luminaire
Materials and finishing
  • Housing: die-cast aluminium
  • High-reflective optics (assembled optics)
  • Glass: extra-white tempered, 5 mm thick
  • RAL7035 or silver grey (like RAL 9006) as standard
  • Other RAL or AKZO colours available on request
  • Post-top mounting: axial entry Ø 60 - 76 mm
  • Side-entry mounting: lateral entry Ø 48 - 60 mm
  • Operating temperature: - 25ºC < T
  • Recommended mounting height: 5 to 10 m
  • Standard tilt angle post top: 0 and 5º
  • Adjustable tilt angle: 0 and 5º
  • Back louver ZGP352
  • Philips Xtreme gear inside with below specifications:
  • Lifetime: 80,000 hours
  • Ambient temperature: -30 to +50ºC
  • Lightning protection up to 10 kV

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