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      The Iridium family of road luminaires comprises of three sizes – suited for different application heights and up to 400W lamps – all based on the same concept while offering a coherent, elegant family design. A whole city can be lit with just the three luminaires while maintaining a consistent daytime appearance. Iridium truly upholds a true family approach. Iridium also offers a wide choice of optical, electrical and mechanical combinations to suit many outdoor applications. In addition, its modularity has allowed the integration of the latest CosmoPolis technology to adapt to the growing demand for white lightSGS452 Iridium SGS452 has been optimized for lamps up to SON-T 70W, CDM-TT 70W and Cosmopolis CPO-TW 60W. Its main applications are secondary roads and industrial areas.



      An enduring luminaire with elegant and gently rounded form
      Two concepts within one luminaire: Opti-C and Opti-O
      A future-proof luminaire: IP66 for the whole luminaire
      Higher efficiency with integration of the Cosmopolis system; the CPO-T lamp with high efficient reflector and electronic ballast, better luminaire spacing (in new installations) and less energy consumption(in new and existing installations)
      CT-POT delivers outstanding performance with CPO-T lamp as well as the SON-T lamp
      XT-POT allows you to use the lumiaire when the pole height is bigger than the road width
      Choice of bowls: glass bowl for reducing light pollution and enhancing the design
      Fast installaion: side entry or post-top
      Easy maintenance from above. Tool-free lamp and gear replacement


      Major roads
      Rural roads
      Industrial areas
      Crossings and roundabouts
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