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Iridium gen3 – The connected intelligent ‘plug & play’ road luminaire

Iridium gen3 LED Medium

Iridium gen3 LED Medium

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    Iridium gen3 is the first truly intelligent luminaire designed for seamless connectivity. No hassle in commissioning – just install the luminaire and control it from a distance through CityTouch management software. Remote light management made easy! The new ‘plug & play’ concept has been designed to ensure safe and easy installation in just three steps: 1. Install the spigot, 2. Plug in the mains, 3. Tilt and close the luminaire. The luminaire’s high efficiency at system level ensures significant energy savings compared to existing conventional installations, offering a fast payback. Thanks to its wide choice of lumen packages, optics and color temperatures, Iridium gen3 fits most applications in residential areas. The luminaire’s neo-classical design guarantees a consistent look and feel for your surroundings.


    Seamless connection from luminaire to CityTouch software without commissioning
    ‘Plug & play’ installation in just three steps
    High efficiency ensuring fast payback and low TCO


    Seamless remote light management by means of CityTouch
    Auto-location and commissioning
    System efficacy of up to 129 lm/W
    Wide range of lumen packages between 4,500 and 9,800 lm
    Available in neutral white and warm white color temperature
    Choice of four optics: Distribution medium (DM), wide (DW), comfort (DC), road wet (DK)
    Separate spigot for safe and easy installation
    Lifetime of up to 100,000 hours at L80B10


    Residential areas: residential streets, cycle paths & footpaths, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, parking areas
    City centers: side streets, pedestrian crossings, cycle paths & footpaths, parking areas, roundabouts
    Area and Transportation: industrial areas, parking areas, petrol stations, airports, harbors, public transport areas, waterways
    Sports: parking areas
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    Product family details
    • BGP382
    Light source
    • Integral LED-module
    • 38 to 86 W depending on LED configuration
    Luminous flux
    • 4616 to 9951 lm
    Luminaire efficacy
    • 106 to 132 lm/W
    Correlated Color Temperature
    • 3000 K (warm white)
    • 4000 K (neutral white)
    Color Rendering Index
    • 80 (warm white)
    • 70 (neutral white)
    Useful life - L80B10
    • 100,000 hours
    Operating temperature range
    • -30 to +35 ºC
    • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
    Mains voltage
    • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
    • Dimmable versions available
    Controls system input
    • 1-10 V and DALI
    • Dimming
    • LumiStep 6, 8 hrs
    • DynaDimmer
    • Constant Light Output (CLO)
    • SDU
    • 1-10 V
    • DALI
    • RF regulation
    • Mains dimming
    • Nema socket
    • Photocell: mini cell 35, 55, 70 Lux
    • Fuse
    • Cable: 6-12 m
    • Surge protection
    • Distribution medium (DM), wide (DW), comfort (DC), road wet optic (DK)
    • Housing: high pressure die-cast aluminum
    • Cover: polycarbonate, flat
    • Aluminum or grey
    • Other RAL or AKZO colors available on request
    • Push-in connector with 3 poles
    • Possibility to open with screw to replace driver and LED module
    • Post top: 60 or 76 mm
    • Side entry: 42 or 60 mm
    • Recommended mounting height: 8 m
    • Standard tilt angle post top: 0, 5 and 10º
    • Adjustable tilt angle: 0, -5 and -10º
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