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GreenVision Flexi LED

GreenVision Flexi LED - energy-saving solution

GreenVision Flexi LED

      Product family information

      Our GreenVision luminaire range provides two road-lighting solutions, one conventional (Flexi) and one LED-based (Flexi LED), offering customers flexibility in energy consumption and an easy transition to LED in the future. The LED version is based on a modular concept, enabling LED upgrades and a choice of high system efficacy levels to match energy saving targets.


      Significant energy savings
      Easy transition to LED


      Choice of three lenses for different road widths
      Four system efficacy levels (110/100/90/80 lm/W) to match energy saving targets
      Tool-less maintenance
      High-reflection film and glass support excellent light output


      Functional roads up to M1
      Roads and streets in commercial areas
      High-tech development zones
      Product family details
      • BRP310
      Light source
      • Build-in LED-module
      • 45-140 W
      Beam angle
      • Medium beam: 15º, sideward and 25º, front-back
      Luminous flux
      • 4,700-13,100 lm
      Luminaire efficacy
      • 110 lm/W (level A++/270 mA)
      • 100 lm/W (level A+/350 mA)
      • 90 lm/W (level A/530 mA)
      • 80 lm/W (level B/700 mA)
      Correlated Color Temperature
      • Cool white: 6500 K (+/- 500 K)
      • Neutral white: 4300 K (+/- 500 K)
      Color Rendering Index
      • 75
      Maintenance of lumen output - L90
      • Type A (la-530 mA): 35,000 hrs at 35ºC
      • Type B (la-700 mA): 30,000 hrs at 35ºC
      Maintenance of lumen output - L70
      • Type A (la-530 mA): 100,000 hrs at 35ºC
      • Type B (la-700 mA): 95,000 hrs at 35ºC
      Maintenance of lumen output - L50
      • All types: 100,000 hrs at 35ºC
      Driver failure rate
      • 0.05% per 5000 hrs
      Operating temperature range
      • -20 to 35ºC
      • Built-in
      Mains voltage
      • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
      Inrush current
      • 150 A per driver
      • No
      Controls system input
      • No
      • No
      • Medium beam: 15º, sideward and 25º, front-back
      Optical cover
      • Micro lens optic in polycarbonate cover
      • Housing: high-pressure, die-cast aluminum, non-corrosive
      • Optical cover: extra-white toughened glass, thermally hardened, 4 mm thick
      • Mounting bracket: integrated with luminaire (high-pressure, die-cast aluminum)
      • Gasket:silicone rubber
      • Canopy: RAL7043
      • Frame: RAL7040
      • Screw connection block
      • Side-entry mounting: lateral entry Ø 48-60 mm
      • Spigot is integrated
      • Operating temperature:: - 20ºC < T
      • Recommended mounting height: < 15 m
      • Adjustable tilt angle: not available
      • Max SCx: 0.384 m
      Cable gland
      • M20 x 1.5
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