FreeStreet – feel free in your city



  • FreeStreet – feel free in your city

    • Minimalist design of the light source – hardly visible by day
    • Unique system design – first light source to be integrated into the cable design
    • Maximized lighting quality for safety and visual comfort


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Product family information

More and more municipalities want their urban spaces to be attractive, spacious and safe. But in our expanding towns and cities we see streets and pedestrian zones that, over time, have become crowded with all kinds of disparate elements – e.g. signage, light poles, outdoor advertising, street furniture – making them appear cluttered, restless and uninviting. Wouldn’t it be great to regain public space and improve the accessibility and appearance of our streets?Practically invisible, our FreeStreet suspended lighting system represents a completely new vision of public lighting. Small, stable and lightweight, this state-of-the-art catenary LED solution delivers excellent lighting while blending in seamlessly with the look and feel of the area, making our streets and pedestrian precincts much more welcoming and accessible.FreeStreet is only available as a Turnkey project solution. Please contact your Philips representative for more information.


Design freedom to interact with the urban environment
Physical and aesthetic de-cluttering: practically invisible during the day, and creating space to move
One catenary cable for both suspension and mains power supply
Extremely uniform light distribution


City center streets
City center squares
Pedestrian zones
Product family details
  • BTP700
Light source
  • Integral LED module
Power (+/-10%)
  • Warm white: 21.5 W
  • Neutral white: 17.3 W
Beam angle
  • 48º
Luminous flux
  • Warm white: 1520 lm
  • Neutral white: 1600 lm
Luminaire efficacy
  • Up to 89 lm/W
Correlated Color Temperature
  • 3000-4000 K
Color Rendering Index
  • Warm white: 85
  • Neutral white: 70
Maintenance of lumen output - L80F10
  • Due to Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality, lumen output will remain the same over lifetime
Operating temperature range
  • -30 to +25ºC
  • Separate driver in the control box
  • Built-in driver in the luminiare
Mains voltage
  • 220–240 V / 50-60 Hz
Inrush current
  • 10 A at t:90µ sec duration
Controls system input
  • 1-10 V
  • Symmetrical wide beam
Optical element
  • Wide street optic
Optical cover
  • Polycarbonate bowl
  • Housing: high-pressure, die-cast aluminum, non-corrosive
  • Optical cover: polycarbonate
  • External driver box: stainless steel
  • Canopy: ultra-dark grey (DGR) and black (BK)
  • 3 screws from the top to open the luminaire housing
  • Dedicated catenary system
  • Dedicated accessories available for different mounting possibilities
  • Recommended mounting height: 4-8 m
  • Max SCx: 0.019 m²
  • FreeStreet is only available as a Turnkey project solution. Please contact your Philips representative for more information.

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