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EssentialLine BBP110

EssentialLine – affordable and reliable

EssentialLine BBP110

      Product family information

      Many cities want to realize a number of LED road-lighting installations in order to respond to the growing calls for innovative, sustainable lighting. To that end, they need to find a reliable LED solution within the available budget. EssentialLine offers an affordable LED solution that minimizes the initial investment. It also offers easy upgrading of the LEDs, thereby enabling simple and fast maintenance on the pole. Last but not least, EssentialLine is fully compliant with road lighting norms, thus helping to create a safe, pleasant living environment.


      Affordable solution; greater scope to choose LED road lighting within available funding
      Reliable: good heat management and strong housing design ensures long lifetime of the system
      Future-proof: upgradeable to new LEDs when available
      Safety on the roads, ensuring peace of mind


      Modular design of LED module and driver provides flexibility for future upgrades
      Good uniformity and illuminance, together with glare control, ensure full compliance with road lighting norms M3 and M2 (up to 3 lanes)
      Good heat dissipation ensures long lifetime for LED and driver
      Half-thread screw design prevents screws being dropped during installation and maintenance


      Rural roads
      Residential streets
      Urban roads – M2/3e
      Product family details
      • BBP110
      Light source
      • 96 x, 128 x or 160 x LED-HP
      Light color
      • Neutral white, 4000 K
      • Cool white, 5000 K
      Power consumption
      • 96 x LED version: 105 W
      • 128 x LED version: 140 W
      • 160 x LED version: 175 W
      Driver current
      • 350 mA
      Power/data supply
      • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
      • Integrated
      • Medium (DM), wide (DW), extreme wide (DX) and comfort (DC)
      • Screw connection block
      Cable gland
      • M20 x 1.5
      • Housing:
      • Main body: extruded die-cast aluminum
      • Gear box and front part: high-pressure die-cast aluminum
      • Mounting bracket: high-pressure die-cast aluminum (integrated with luminaire)
      • Gasket: silicone rubber
      • Grey (RAL 7040)
      • Side-entry mounting: lateral entry Ø 42 - 60 mm (60S)
      • Spigot is integrated
      • Operating temperature: -20ºC < T
      • Recommended mounting height: < 15 m
      • Adjustable tilt angle: 0º
      • Max SCx: 0.384 m
      • 50.000 hours (70% lumen maintenance at T
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