CristalCity – creating ambiance



  • CristalCity – creating ambiance

    • Exclusive light signature
    • Lowers energy consumption by up to 80%, with a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions
    • Future-proof


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Product family information

The age of the bowl-shaped luminaire fitted with an inefficient mercury-vapor lamp is over. With CristalCity, Philips is opening up a new era with one of the most efficient alternatives on the market. The innovative CristalCity combines comfortable, high-efficiency lighting with a refined visual personality. Designed for installation heights of 3.5 to 5 m, this stylish, modern fixture enhances the ambiance in any streetscape, be it historical or contemporary. CristalCity has an exclusive light signature: the concentrated light beams create a hologram effect that animates differently depending on your perspective. A wide selection of optics and visual-comfort elements ensures glare-free illumination. CristalCity represents a future-proof investment. The dome of the luminaire, which incorporates the LED module and the driver, is fully replaceable so you can benefit from future developments in LEDs and their associated efficiencies.


Perfect balance between classicism and innovation
System luminous efficacy up to 102 lm/W
Vandal-proof: triple index IK10 (60 joules)


Residential areas
City centers
Other urban applications
Product family details
  • BDS798
Light source
  • Build-in LED-module
  • GreenLine / EconomyLine: 16-72 W
  • Fortimo LED: 12-40 W
Luminous flux
  • GreenLine / EconomyLine: 1300-6000 lm
  • Fortimo LED: 1000-3700 lm
Luminaire efficacy
  • GreenLine / EconomyLine: up to 102 lm/W
  • Fortimo LED: up to 100 lm/W
Correlated Color Temperature
  • 3000 K (Warm white)
  • 4000 K (Neutral white)
Color Rendering Index
  • GreenLine / EconomyLine: ≥80 (3000 K); ≥70 (4000 K)
  • Fortimo LED: ≥80
Maintenance of lumen output - L80F10
  • GreenLine: up to 100,000 hours
  • EconomyLine: 70,000 hours
  • Fortimo LED: 50,000 hours
Operating temperature range
  • -20 to +35 ºC
  • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
Mains voltage
  • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Inrush current
  • Xitanium LED driver 40 W: 80 A / 150 µs
  • Xitanium LED driver 75 W: 65 A / 100 µs
Dimming (integrated):
  • Lumistep
  • DynaDimer
  • Minicell
Controls system input
  • Dimming via 1-10 V
  • DALI
  • RF regulation
  • GreenLine / EconomyLine: symmetrical (S), distribution medium (DM), narrow (DN), comfort (DC), wet road (DK)
  • Fortimo LED: low-brightness medium beam (LBM), low-brightness rotational symmetrical (LBS)
  • Housing: high-pressure aluminum
  • Optical cover: polycarbonate, reinforced against UV
  • Top: white aluminum (RAL9006)
  • Base: Philips dark grey 10714, blue AKZO YW276F, white AKZO YW266F, Gray Gris 2800 Sablé, AKZO YW 356F
  • Other RAL or AKZO futura colors available on request
  • Wieland/Adels push-in connector 3-pole mains (and 2-pole control signal)
  • To access the driver, unscrew 5 (non captive) torx screws, from the top, remove the LED-engine (screws)
  • Post top mounting: Ø 60 mm
  • Recommended mounting height: 3.5-5 m
  • Max SCx: 0.191 m²

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