ClearLine – maximum energy saving and maximum safety

ClearLine BBP200/BBP210

ClearLine BBP200/BBP210

  • ClearLine – maximum energy saving and maximum safety

    • Sustainable solution
    • Enhances safety and comfort
    • Future-proof


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Product family information

Urban authorities want to create a safe, comfortable, modern living environment for the inhabitants of their town or city. And they want to do so in an innovative and substainable way.The ClearLine luminaire features highly efficient LED technology, enabling substantial energy savings compared with conventional SON solutions. Step dimming allows further significant energy savings during off-peak periods.With its unique asymmetrical optic design, which optimizes light distribution and ansures compliance with safety and road lighting standards, ClearLine is an ideal replacement for SON 70/150 W solutions. And its easily upgradable light engine (LED and gear module) makes it a hassle-free, future-proof solution.


Innovative and sustainable LED technology
More energy-efficient than conventional SON solutions
Compliant with safety and road-lighting standards
High-quality white light with high color consistency
Upgradable light engines


General urban lighting
General road lighting
Product family details
  • BBP200 (60-LED version)
  • BBP210 (120-LED version)
Light source
  • 60 x or 120 x LED-HB
Light color
  • Neutral white (NW), 4000 K
Power consumption
  • BBP200: 73 W
  • BBP210: 135 W
  • 350 mA
Inrush current
  • 0.65 A
Power/data supply
  • 220-240 V / 50 Hz
  • 220-240 V / 60 Hz
  • Asymmetrical
Optical element
  • Matrix optic, symmetrical
Optical cover
  • Hard, tempered glass
  • Stepdimming (pre-programmed)
  • Light color:
  • Warm white (WW), 3000 K typical
  • Cool white (CW), 5000 K typical
Cable gland
  • 2 x M25
  • Housing: high pressure die-cast aluminum, non-corrosive
  • Cover: glass, tempered
  • Reflectors: aluminum, anodized
  • Housing: grey, RAL 7043 and cover RAL 9006 (GR)
  • Housing and cover: grey, RAL 7040 (SI)
  • Mounting: axial entry Ø 60 mm
  • Side-entry mounting: lateral entry Ø 60 mm
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC < T
  • Recommended mounting height: 5-10 m
  • Adjustable tilt angle: 0 and 15º
  • Max SCx:
  • BBP200: 0.055 m2
  • BBP210: 0.044 m2
  • 50.000 hours (70% lumen maintenance at T
Main applications
  • Main roads, approach roads

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