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CitySpirit Street LED (Color Ring) BDS482

Vibrant outdoor lighting has the power to revitalize a city’s spirit, transforming it into an exciting, uplifting space where residents and visitors feel safe and at home even after dark.

CitySpirit Street LED (Color Ring) BDS482

      Product family information

      Philips CitySpirit Street LED Colour Ring areluminaires designed to provide quality, environmentally friendly lighting that seamlessly integrates into the urban landscape. Equipped with LED technology, consistent light output, and decorative ring functionality, these luminaires deliver efficient and excellent lighting to any city.


      Serviceability - LED driver module is easy replaceable
      Colour ring options - Available in red or green or blue


      Stylish lighting possibilities - Choose from a selection of color rings to add flair to urban spaces
      Excellent light quality - Advanced optical design enhances visual comfort while high lumen output ensures visibility and safety


      City centers and squares
      Residential and pedestrian area
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