CitySphere - Creating an appealing, comfortable atmosphere with its own color signature

CitySphere Brackets

CitySphere Brackets

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    At a time of rapidly changing social practices, every city is looking to be more attractive, welcoming, convenient and safe. CitySphere is a post-top ambiance LED luminaire designed to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere that puts the users of public spaces at ease. A slim, discreet presence during the day, it brings urban spaces to life at night. CitySphere delivers a visually comfortable volume of light and gives the city its own color signature. CitySphere comes with dedicated spigots, brackets and poles, enabling development planners, specifiers and decision makers to create a consistent urban identity and ambience.


    Creates an appealing comfortable atmosphere
    Bring cities to life at night with a touch of color
    Complete lighting solution ensuring a consistent and distinctive identity (color ring)


    Visual comfort perception and a possible color signature, creating a distinctive atmosphere
    Excellent light quality over lifetime
    Dedicated spigots, single and double-arm brackets, and masts (height of 4 to 5 meters)


    Urban streets
    Side and residential streets
    Pedestrian and cycle paths
    Squares and parks
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