CityCharm Cordoba - Combining visual comfort and performance

CityCharm Cordoba

CityCharm Cordoba

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    Product family information

    The CityCharm range is designed for use in urban areas where comfortable lighting, ambiance and design play an important role. It offers two iconic, timeless designs (Cordoba and Cone) and various accessories, enabling you to create a lighting solution that carries your signature, both by day and by night.CityCharm provides high visual comfort while maintaining excellent performance. It offers a choice of two innovative new Philips Lighting technologies: GentleBeam, which maximizes visual comfort, or ClearGuide, which optimizes vertical illumination and visual guidance.A variety of dedicated brackets and masts enables you to reshape your residential areas and city centers in the most elegant way imaginable.Further information about GentleBeam and ClearGuide technology can be found in the Product Guide.


    Elegant iconic range delivering comfortable lighting with GentleBeam or ClearGuide technology
    Excellent lighting performance and high quality of product and finishing
    Suitable for both renovation projects and new installations thanks to dedicated brackets and poles


    Choice of luminaire shapes, color effects, and dedicated poles and brackets
    Diffusing tools to create visual comfort and colored parts to enhance ambiance
    A broad range of lumen outputs and optics to ensure maximum efficiency at all lighting levels
    Optimized total cost of ownership
    Compatible with all standard and advanced Philips lighting systems and CityTouch-ready
    Easy on-site maintenance of the driver


    Residential areas
    Footpaths and cycle lanes
    Parks and boulevards
    Software Plugins
    Product family details
    • BDS490
    Light source
    • Build-in LED-module
    • Standard version: 10-82 W (3000 K), 9-75 W (4000 K)
    • ClearGuide version: 18-33 W (3000 K), 16-32 W (4000 K)
    Luminous flux
    • Standard version: 1100-7400 lm (3000 K), 1100-7450 lm (4000 K)
    • ClearGuide version: 1700-3200 lm (3000 K): 1650-2800 lm (4000 K)
    Luminaire efficacy
    • Standard version: Up to 120 lm/W (3000 K), Up to 130 lm/W (4000 K)
    • ClearGuide version: Up to 95 lm/W (3000 K), Up to 108 lm/W (4000 K)
    Correlated Color Temperature
    • Standard version: 3000 K, warm white (WW), 4000 K, neutral white (NW)
    • ClearGuide version: 3000 K, warm white (WW), 4000 K, neutral white (NW)
    Color Rendering Index
    • Standard version: ≥ 80 (3000 K), ≥ 70 (4000 K)
    • ClearGuide version: ≥ 70 (3000 K), ≥ 70 (4000 K)
    Maintenance of lumen output - L80B10
    • 100,000 hours
    Operating temperature range
    • -20 to +35 ºC
    • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
    Mains voltage
    • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
    Inrush current
    • Standard version: 28 A / 150 µs (27 W Xitanium driver), 27 A / 150 µs (40 W Xitanium driver), 80 A / 150 µs (100 W Xitanium driver)
    • ClearGuide version: 27 A / 150 µs (40 W Xitanium driver)
    • DynaDimmer
    • LumiStep
    • CLO
    Controls system input
    • DALI
    • Photocell: Minicell, 35, 55, 70 lux
    • Standard version: Distribution medium (DM), wide (DW), vertical (DV), symmetrical (S), asymmetrical (A)
    • ClearGuide version: Distribution symmetrical (S), a-symmetrical (A)
    Optical element
    • For standard version a louver is available
    Optical cover
    • For standard version two diffusing plates are available: Standard diffusing plate and GentleBeam diffusing plate
    • Housing: high-pressure die-cast aluminum, non corrosive
    • Bowl: polycarbonate, reinforced against UV
    • Housing: Philips ultra-dark grey (close to RAL 7022, fine textured color)
    • Other RAL and AKZO Futura colors available on request
    • Easy access to the driver from the top, 3 screws
    • Post-top mounting: Ø 60-76 mm, two screws
    • Recommended mounting height: 4-6 m
    • Max SCx: 0.1124 m
    • JDP490 (CityCharm post-top bracket)
    • JPP490 (CityCharm bracket)
    • YHM490 (CityCharm pole)
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