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Capella - inspired by movement

Capella LED Architectural Roadway small (CPLS)

Capella LED Architectural Roadway small (CPLS)

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    Respectful of the night sky with photometric performance at its finest. Inspired by the splendor of movement, the LED Capella is one of the most adaptable luminaires on the market. With its graceful curves and sweeping lines it contributes to the beautification of any environment and enhances the visual impact of any project. The Capella comes in two sizes to maximize its potential and appeal. The smaller version is perfect for lighting alleyways, pathways, sidewalks and small roadways while the larger version is ideal for city streets and boulevards. The two complement each other and can be used in tandem to add a measure of grace and fluidity to any area, big or small. ~LT~a href="" target="_blank"~GT~~LT~b~GT~Lumec3D: Online 3D Configurator~LT~/b~GT~~LT~/a~GT~


    High visual appeal
    Exceptional durability and reliability
    Quick and easy maintenance
    Superior photometric performance
    Suitable for a variety of applications


    Pure line design
    High-quality aluminum construction
    Tool-free access to internal components
    Full cutoff optics
    Family offers a variety of options


    Road and Street
    Bridges, Monuments, Facades
    Software Plugins
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