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Dome Top Louver School Bollard LED BRM832/836

BRM832/836 - seamless design, rugged strength

Dome Top Louver School Bollard LED BRM832/836

Dome Top Louver School Bollard LED BRM832/836

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      The Gardco 830 Series LED Bollard with Motion Response combines refined aesthetics, exceptional light output and maximum energy savings to create the most sophisticated and versatile LED walkway lighting product available today. It begins, of course, with impeccable form - a simple, seamless design that eases into any location, yet retains the rugged strength, all-weather sealing and vandal resistance necessary for the punishing environments where bollards are used. What truly sets the 830 Series apart, however, is its incredible energy-efficient LED Bollard technology exclusively from Gardco. The system uses stacked modular louvers to control glare and uniformly distribute LED light in patterns of 180 or 360 degrees. Most impressively, the Motion Response component uses motion-sensing technology to switch between low light and high light modes. This revolutionary feature ensures that low light levels are used when maximum light is unnecessary, resulting in energy savings of up to 90 percent. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) produce more light per watt than other light sources, resulting in significant energy savings even before the bi-level Motion Response system is taken into account. Additionally, the placement of the LEDs near the edge of the stacked louvers increases luminaire efficiency by up to 100% versus conventional light sources placed behind the louvers. LEDs are available in several colors, and have a typical lifespan of 50,000 to 60,000 hours. One benefit of bi-leveling LEDs is that the longevity increases due to the reduced temperature. Since the LEDs are not driven by high current, the expected life will increase.


      Automatically switches from low to high output upon motion
      Up to 90% energy savings
      Complete weather protection
      Up to 60,000 hour life
      Vandal resistant


      Concealed demand motion response sensor
      Completely sealed at all transition points
      Stacked louver LED technology
      Die cast aluminum housing
      High-strength galvanized steel tenon


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