Optimal choice for parallel connections

Xitanium Constant Voltage Outdoor

Xitanium Constant Voltage Outdoor

Xitanium Constant Voltage Outdoor

  • Optimal choice for parallel connections

    • SELV operating voltages ensure safety even if wiring or LED boards become damaged
    • Easy installation with simple parallel wiring
    • Excellent reliability


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Product family information

Constant Voltage Outdoor LED drivers deliver a highly stable output voltage and are SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) compliant. These drivers are the perfect choice for enabling easy modular connection of multiple LED PCBs in parallel. The Constant Voltage Outdoor category offers excellent reliability and ensures a simplified installation process. Robust design reduces maintenance and lowers the cost of ownership over the application lifetime.


Stable output voltage
Robust protection against moisture
Minimum 50,000 h lifetime


Refrigerated display lighting
Signage applications - channel letter and contour lighting
Architectural and decorative lighting

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