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HID-DynaVision LumiStep Xtreme for CPO - Integrated one-step dimming for easy cost savings

DynaVision LumiStep Xtreme for CPO

DynaVision LumiStep Xtreme for CPO

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    Highly reliable electronic drivers for CPO lamps; designed to save energy via integrated one-step dimming and to reduce maintenance costs thanks to 80,000-hour lifetime and integrated lightning protection


    Together with the CPO lamp the driver creates the most efficient white-light system in the industry in its power range
    Up to 25% energy saving due to the integrated one-step dimming and very high driver efficiency (92%)
    Minimizes maintenance cost due to the Xtreme lifetime of 80,000 hours and integrated lighting protection


    Integrated step dimming function from 100% down to 50% light (60% power) within three pre-programmed cycles - 6, 8 and 10 hours
    Xtreme long lifetime of 80,000 hours with minimum 90% survival at Tc = 80 °C)
    Xtreme lightning protection 10 kV/5 kA
    Xtreme protection against humidity and vibration
    Accurate lamp power stabilization of 95-97% over wide mains-voltage range of 180-300 V


    Designed for optimum system performance with Philips CosmoWhite lamps


    Residential lighting
    City beautification
    Road lighting
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