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HID-Constant wattage BSX for SOX

Long-lasting, reliable solution

HID-Constant wattage BSX for SOX
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      Product family information

      Constant-wattage (potted) electromagnetic copper/iron ballasts for use with an external ignitor for SOX and SOX-E lamps


      Excellent resistance to humid conditions
      Long-lasting reliable solution – outstanding product lifetime of 15 years average
      Minimal watt losses thanks to orthocyclic winding process
      Control gear can be installed remotely


      Series capacitor required in circuits with constant wattage
      Silicon potted ballast under IP21 canopy
      Equipped with screw terminal blocks as standard
      Ballasts for alternative mains voltages/frequencies available upon request


      Electromagnetic system requires ballast, ignitor and capacitor
      To be used with relevant SX.. ignitor
      Capacitor value to match system power can be found on lamp/ballast combination sheet
      Climatic suitability: restricted to built-in situations where relative humidity is limited


      Outdoor lighting
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