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      Luminaire based, stand-alone controller for magnetic ballasts up to 600 W. The design of Chronosense is optimized for mounting in a luminaire or gear tray. Step-dim schedule is created using 5 dip switches, dim schedule is flexible between 4 and 9 hours around the midpoint of the night.


      Energy savings of up to 30%
      Stand-alone, no commissioning, no operational costs
      Reduced light nuisance


      Simple dip switch settings to set/reset the dim period
      Small size with smart connectors for easy mounting
      Midpoint of the night calculation guarantees maximum savings


      Operates any multi-wattage electromagnetic ballasts or systems where an additional dim ballast has been added
      Designed to be controlled through external dusk-dawn switches like light sensors or cabinet-controlled switching


      Roads, streetsResidential and area lighting, including parking lots, ports, train stations and industrial complexes
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