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      AmpLight group management is a cabinet-based solution for monitoring and control of road and street lights. It is designed for road authorities such as medium to large municipalities and highway authorities in need for a reliable street lighting control system that can be hosted on-premise.


      Philips provides end-to-end solutions including hosting & connectivity
      Maximum energy savings of up to 35% thanks to special Philips algorithms
      Uses future-proof and scalable technology


      A turnkey AmpLight solution monitors and controls the control cabinet
      AmpLight controls can be installed in an existing cabinet to control and monitor the lamps in that cluster
      AmpLight uses a user-friendly software tool capable of showing all relevant information, for example failures, energy consumption, lifetime, etcetera
      Real-time monitoring using web mapping services from the Internet with an option for the customer to use Google maps


      Highways, roads
      Street lighting in general
      Residential areas
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