ActiLume 1-10 V - a simple approach

ActiLume 1-10V

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    The ActiLume 1-10 V system consists of a sensor and a SwitchBox (controller) designed for easy integration into luminaires.The sensor can work independently of the SwitchBox. In combination with the SwitchBox, the luminaire will be switched off when enough daylight is present and/or when no presence is detected.The ActiLume 1-10 V luminaire-based sensor enables daylight regulation and dimming when no presence is detected. The delay time can be customized between 1 and 30 minutes.


    A daylight-regulation/presence-detection device which can easily be fitted in a 1-10 V luminaire
    The sensor can be connected to the ballast directly (only dimming) or in combination with the SwitchBox (dimming and switching)
    Offers easy-to-install energy-saving solutions
    Has the same form fit as the ActiLume DALI & ActiLume MicroLuxSense sensor with cover


    In combination with the SwitchBox, up to 3 HFR 254 T5 ballasts can be switched, resulting in extremely low stand-by losses (< 350 mW)
    The light sensor can be manually adjusted by a rotating diaphragm to adjust the set point
    Change the sensitivity of the sensor within a range from 1/3 to 3 of the nominal setting
    Select a delay time between 1 and 30 minutes (default 15 minutes) with the rotary control
    Personal control via the Touch and Dim functionality on the SwitchBox
    Push-button to activate 100 hours burn-in mode for the lamps
    Calibrated for use in a standard office situation


    Toilets, corridors, staircases and storage locations
    Free floor standing luminaires, pendant luminaires, single luminaire solutions
    Optimized for ceiling heights of max. 3.5 m
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