Sophisticated yet simple energy-efficient lighting control solutions

Dynalite Phase-Cut Dimmers

Dynalite Phase-Cut Dimmers

  • Sophisticated yet simple energy-efficient lighting control solutions

    • Standard features will increase lamp life, reducing the ongoing project maintenance running costs.


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Product family information

Leading Edge Dimmer Controllers are ideal for lighting circuits with resistive and inductive properties, including mains voltage incandescent fittings, neon and low voltagelamps with a compatible electronic transformer.Available in both DIN-rail and wall box configuration, Dynalite supports a vast range of leading edge dimmer controllers with a variety of circuit numbers and sizes to work individually or part of a system, fitting any project requirement.Wall box dimmer controllers have been engineered to achieve rise times of over 100μS producing reduced filament sing, reduced supply voltage noise, resulting in extended lamp life.The dimmers are engineered to be compatible with electronic transformers, requiring less de-rating, therefore allowing full capacity of channel to be utilized.


Standard built-in features of the dimmers include:• power conditioning to protect lamps• over voltage• surge protection• brownout/sag protection


Retail and Hospitality, Office and Industry
Public spaces, Stadiums and multi-purpose Event Centers

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