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Indoor Accessories

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Indoor Accessories
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      Indoor lighting control accessories cover all the user interfaces, sensors, cables, dimmers and other accessories that can be used with our control systems or stand-alone with our lighting systems.


      Indoor accessories offer the possibility to extend our indoor lighting control systems.


      The performance and capabilities of the products vary according to the system they are connected to.


      Indoor accessories are designed for indoor lighting control systems
      • Family - full data sheet Localized commercial leaflet PDF 1.3 MB
      • Product Guide UID8450-UID8460 ProductGuide PDF 415.8 kB
      • Product Guide UID8451-UID8461 ProductGuide PDF 410.1 kB
      • Product Guide The “IRT9010 Transmitter IR Point” is an easy to use infrared remote control for everydayuse. Although optimally designed for products from both the ActiLume and OccuSwitchfamily it can work together with other products that support RC5 code. PDF 353.3 kB
      • Product Guide Product Guide IRT9010 PDF 230.1 kB
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