Mains-voltage linear R7S with very high light output

CorePro LEDlinear MV

CorePro LEDlinear MV

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    CorePro R7S is a retrofit replacement for traditional double-ended linear R7S lamps.Its ‘light all around’ design delivers light just like a halogen lamp. The deep dimming function enables a cozy ambience when using a dimmable fixture.


    Up to 90% energy saving compared to standard halogen lamps
    Lower maintenance costs
    Highly focused beam for a clearly defined beam spread


    Easy retrofit
    Operates at 220-240 V AC and its form-factor is designed as a direct retrofit into all double ended holders
    Lifetime of 15,000 hours (B50L70)
    UV- and IR-free light
    Free of mercury and hazardous materials – RoHS compliant


    Living rooms, corridors, outdoor luminaires (security lighting), free floor-standing indoor luminaires, construction lighting
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