The perfect fit

InteGrade LED fixture system

InteGrade LED fixture system

InteGrade LED fixture system

  • The perfect fit

    • Excellent Total Cost of Ownership with attractive payback times
    • Aesthetic integration of LED lighting; uniform light distribution
    • Easy to install: the fixtures have standard dimensions and so fit most commonly used shelves


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Product family information

Philips InteGrade LED fixture system - compact linear LED lighting for standard-size shelves InteGrade LED fixture system The InteGrade LED fixture system is an energy-efficient way to create an enjoyable shopping experience.Thanks to its compact dimensions, the fixture can be aesthetically integrated below and inside shelves, e.g. in a store interior or refrigerated cabinet. Asymmetrical optics direct the light where you want it, thus making optimum use of the light and energy.The products or background you want lit will be presented uniformly, with reduced glare and dark spots. Our LEDs have minimal output degradation and color shift, so the light remains consistent throughout their long lifetime. InteGrade LED is an ideal solution for high-quality lighting without flicker or color differences. The fixture consists of a profile with LED engines and inline locks. Mounting accessories, cables and LED power driver are available separately.


Energy savings of up to 65% (10 W compared to a 28 W TL5 system)
Superb asymmetrical optics
InteGrade cabling allows connection to own connector system
5-year Philips warranty (InteGrade LED fixture in combination with Philips cables and Philips LED power driver)


The InteGrade LED fixtures and accessories are designed and marketed together, as we believe good system design is crucial to effective functioning of the system, and it also facilitates an easy design-in.


Shelf and linear accent lighting in supermarkets, refrigerated cabinets, retail environments, libraries, museums

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