Product Description

Reflector Crown Mirror diam 45/60/65 mm

Reflector Crown Mirror diam 45/60/65 mm

Reflector Crown Mirror diam 45/60/65 mm

  • Product Description

    • Reflector Crown Silver (NR60) offers a well defined, narrow, high-intensity beam in the right luminaires, giving good accent lighting
    • Light intensity increased by 50 - 200% compared with conventional incandescent lamps, depending on the luminaire


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Product family information

Normal incandescent lamps with mirror in front of the filament and a clear glass bulb


Choice of conventional bulb shapes and distinctive flatter-top Reflector Crown Silver (NR60)
High visual comfort and optimal colour rendering
Avoids the glare of a visible bright filament in open luminaires
Silver-mirrored lamps in reflecting luminaires create attractive lighting effects in both modern and classical interiors


Accent and decorative lighting in shops and showrooms, hotels and restaurants, clubs, public buildings, exhibitions and galleries
Decorative, task and reading lighting in the home
Widely used in accent lighting luminaires with a built-in reflector to concentrate light where it is needed

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