Philips Halogen Aluminum Reflector Lamps

ALR 37/56 mm

ALR 37/56 mm

  • Philips Halogen Aluminum Reflector Lamps

    • No harsh streaks or hotspots, directs all heat out of fixture, eliminates stray light, superior beam control.
    • Reduces fading and protects reflector for continuous color.
    • Securely mounts in fixture, won’t freeze in socket and allows less obtrusive luminaire design.


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Product family information

Delivers high lumen output and excellent color rendering for precise accent and display lightingPhilips Halogen Aluminum Reflector Lamps provide continuous color and high luminous intensity for precise accent and display lighting. These lamps offer a rated average life ranging from 2000 hours and feature excellent beam qualities for accent or ambient lighting.


Aluminum Reflector.
Front Cover Glass.
Crrosion-Resistant Bayonet Base.
Lightweight Compact-Light Source.
Available in: ALR 37: 20 watt; ALR 56: 50 watt.


Ideal for display lighting, accent lighting, task lighting and wall washing.

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