T8 TL-D Rapid Start Lamps

T8 TLD Rapid Start EU

T8 TLD Rapid Start EU

  • T8 TL-D Rapid Start Lamps

    • Reduced maintenance costs by extending the relamping cycle
    • High energy savings
    • Sustainable lighting solution - Reduced impact on the environment without sacrificing performance.


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Product family information

Philips TL-D Super 80 lamps offer high energy savings, superior lumen output, and low mercury content.


20,000-hour rated average life*
Outstanding lumen performance
Low mercury design
High color rendering
Available in multiple wattages: 36 watt, 58 watt and 70 watt
* Average life under engineering data with lamps turned off and restarted once every 12 operating hours.


Ideal for cold temperature applications such as refrigeration and cold storage. Lamp requires use of European ballast for operation.

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