• Fit and Forget

    • Extremely long lifetime - up to 10 years of operation - results in lower maintenance costs, less waste and disposal costs at end-of-life
    • Less hassle due to fewer early failures
    • Facilitating the change from spot to group replacement
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This MASTER TL-D Xtreme lamp offers extremely long lifetime. This results in extra-low lamp cost over life. It is therefore suitable for places where lamp replacement is expensive, due to high ceilings or disturbance of operations, and applications with long burning cycles, e.g. tunnels, oil rigs, manufacturing lines. It can be operated on existing gear or dedicated HF Xtreme gear.


Extremely long lifetime - up to 10 years operation; longest lifetime is achieved with special designed Philips HF Xtreme gear
End-cap has an x-shaped green bottom plate to distinguish the lamp from other fluorescent lamps
Low mercury dose (3 mg)


Suitable for use in applications where maintenance is expensive (high ceilings, difficult to reach) and disruptive (stopping of production process, closure of tunnels), or where lamp failure is unacceptable for e.g. safety reasons: tunnels, process, food and petrochemical industries

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