• Direct your light downwards

    • Internal reflector directs the light where it is needed
    • Energy savings of 30-50% in non-reflector luminaires without loss of light
    • Internal reflector is not affected by dust accumulation (in contrast to normal TL-D lamps)
    • Relatively high efficacy, both initially and during lifetime, with high lumen maintenance
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Product family information

The MASTER TL-D Reflex lamp directs most of the light to where you need it, thanks to an internal reflector. This results in having the same lighting level while using only half the number of lamps in the luminaire. It is therefore extremely suitable for use in luminaires with only a simple reflector or without any.


Internal reflector directs the light via a 160° ‘window’
Reflector directs 85% of the light downwards avoiding wasted light
Direct retrofit for existing fluorescent fittings operating on conventional or HF gear
High-quality lighting with good color rendering (CRI >80)
Light output comparable to other TL-D Super 80 colors
Lumen maintenance and lifetime the same as other TL-D Super 80 colors


Luminaires without reflectors or with only simple reflectors, mainly found in industry and shops / supermarkets

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