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MASTER TL-D Food Secura

MASTER TL-D Food Secura

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The TL-D Food Secura lamp makes the appearance of meat and bakery products more fresh and tasty and has a protective coating that keeps glass and lamp components together in the event of accidental breakage. The lamp is easily identifiable by two blue rings at one end. Application areas are all places where glass shatters can have an impact on product exposure and safety. The lamp has a Surlyn coating which blocks UV light. It is compliant with HACCP regulations. It can be applied for food illumination in butcher shops, bakeries, supermarkets etc.


Makes the appearance of food (especially meat) more tasty
Special protective coating around the lamp, prevents products from contamination in case of accidental lamp breakage; easily recognized in audit situations by two blue rings at one end
Better protection of illuminated products from discoloring and loss of taste by about 90 % lower UV-A emission
Makes luminaires compliant with relevant standards in the industry, such as HACCP, ISO 22000 and IEC 61549: Fragment Retention Lamp Standard
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