• The ultimate Saver!

    • Up to 50% less energy consumption in application versus 18 and 26W PL-C/T on electromagnetic ballasts for comparable lighting levels
    • Up to 25% less energy consumption in application versus 18 and 26W PL-C/T on electronic drivers for comparable lighting levels
    • Easy lamp (re-)placement and stable fixation due to new twist and lock lampbase / holder
    • Longer lifetime and less early failures lead to less hassle and lower maintenance costs and facilitate the change from spot to group replacement
    • Dimming possible down to 10 %
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Product family information

MASTER PL-R Eco is an extremely efficient compact fluorescent lamp for downlight applications. It consists of six parallel tubes with a new innovative ‘twist and lock’ lamp base, designed for operation with electronic gear. The MASTER PL-R Eco contains the original bridge technology invented and patented by Philips. This guarantees optimum performance in the application and results in significantly higher efficacies than with regular compact fluorescent lamps. On top of that, MASTER PL-R Eco lamps offer more than double the service life of a standard compact fluorescent lamp, thanks to superior lumen maintenance. The ‘twist and lock’ lamp base provides easy and safe (dis-)mounting and sturdy fixation in the luminaire.


Twist and lock 4-pin lamp base GR14q-1 without starter and capacitor
Maximum light output reached at approximately 35-40 °C in free-burning base-up position
Fluorescent tri-phosphor technology
Extra long lifetime and less early failures
Very low light depreciation over lamp life
Service lifetime of 19000 hours


Designed for general down-lighting in (semi-)professional indoor applications: offices, retail, hospitals, governmental and public buildings
Ideal for use in recessed or surface mounted downlighters, wall units
Suitable for use in applications where maintenance costs are high (high ceilings, difficult to reach):department stores, supermarkets, warehouses, production halls and public areas

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