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      The SBD fixture is an aesthetically pleasing surface box that provides alternatives for both new construction and replacement fixtures. This flush mounted unit is perfect for any application involving ceiling structures that should not be disturbed. Available in several different sizes, the SBD is a suitable replacement for any 2X2 or 2X4. The SBD is an efficient alternative to High Intensity Discharge fixtures and is an excellent selection for any area requiring a surface mounted fixture. Applications include: retail, schools, hotels, offices (with tight space constraints or ceiling heights), any area where plenum does not permit recessed fixture mounting, manufacturing, and gymnasiums with the Lexan safety option. SBD fixtures are available with a variety of lens/louver and reflector combinations allowing the customer to maximize efficiency and customize the “look” to meet their specific needs. Philips Optimum recommends the coupling of the D23 lens with Enhanced Specular reflector as a way to maximize lumen output and fixture efficiency.



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