Simple and flexible solution to design modern light lines in professional and retail spaces

PlainView, recessed

PlainView, recessed

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Light line solutions are always in fashion. therefore we know that delivering innovation in this field is crucial. PlainView is a modern looking, neat luminaire offering comfortable, good quality lighting and can also work as a design element. The luminaires offer high quality specifications and flexibility with different options for lumen packages. Thanks to these features and benefits, PlainView delivers ideal lighting in the non-working areas of professional spaces such as offices, educational institutes, and also the welcoming areas and entrances of retail spaces.


Clean and uniform light
Multiple application use
Easy to install and maintain
Long lasting, reliable luminaire


Homogeneous exit window
Can create standalone and continuous lines of light and offers recessed and suspended variants
Same modules are used for standalone and continuous light lines providing flexibility and making installation easier
Delivers Philips quality


Office - circulation and common areas
Education – circulation and common areas
Retail - general lighting in stores
Healthcare - circulation and common areas
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