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StyliD PerfectBeam - endless possibilities to shape light

StyliD PerfectBeam

StyliD PerfectBeam

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    StyliD PerfectBeam has been developed specifically for museum applications. It strikes the perfect balance between presenting art and preserving it, between ever-changing exhibitions and the need for low maintenance and energy efficiency. The often conflicting demands for good visibility and conservation are now being met with LED lighting that emits no harmful UV or IR radiation. StyliD PerfectBeam presents works of art in their true colors, subtly attracting the viewer’s eye, making it easy to see, interpret and appreciate masterpieces down to the smallest detail. It enables you to use light to evoke emotions and create an unforgettable museum experience. Its modular design, variable beam, beam shaping accessories and onboard dimming ensure maximum flexibility to cope with changing exhibitions and lighting needs, now and in the future.


    Superior light quality – making visible what the artist intended
    Optimal art preservation – protecting precious exhibits
    Maximum beam flexibility – adapting to changing exhibition needs


    Variable Spot (7 through 43°) and Framing Projector options
    Modular design with beam shaping accessories, easy to adapt
    Patented technology for superior beam uniformity in the Variable Spot
    Product design inspired by precision optics like camera lenses
    No UV or IR radiation that is harmful to precious exhibits
    High color rendering: CRI 90+
    Minimal glare


    Museums (paintings, sculptures, other works of art)
    High-end fashion/retail
    Software Plugins
    Product family details
    • ST741T (Variable Spot version)
    • ST742T (Framing Projector version)
    Light source
    • LED module
    • 21 W
    Beam angle
    • ST741T: 7 to 43º
    • ST742T: 30º
    Luminous flux
    • ST741T: 450 to 660 lm (for 3000 K)
    • ST742T: 240 lm (for 3000 K)
    Correlated Color Temperature
    • 2700 K
    • 3000 K
    • Other color temperatures available on request
    Color Rendering Index
    • > 90
    Standard deviation color matching (SDCM)
    • 3 (with a tolerance of +/- 0,005 on color point measurement)
    Median useful life L70B50
    • 70,000 hours
    Median useful life L80B50
    • 50,000 hours
    Median useful life L90B50
    • 25,000 hours
    Average ambient temperature
    • +25 ºC
    Operating temperature range
    • 0 to +35 ºC
    Driver failure rate
    • 1% for 5000 hours
    • Built-in
    Mains voltage
    • 220 or 240 V / 50-60 Hz
    • On board dimming 1-10 V (10-100%)
    Controls system input
    • 1-10 V
    • DALI dimming available on request
    • Housing: aluminum
    • Heatsink: die-cast aluminum
    • Driver box: plastic
    • Internal lenses: glass
    • Frontal lenses: PMMA
    • Black (BK)
    • White, with black details (WH)
    • Other colors available on request
    • 3C track connector
    • On 3C track
    • Interchangeable frontal lenses can be used to create different light effects
    • Variable Spot (ST741T):
    • Standard included: clear and soft frontal lens
    • Separate accessories: linear frontal lens (ST741Z) to create a stripe or wallwashing effect
    • Framing Projector (ST742T):
    • Standard included: clear frontal lens
    • Separate accessories: soft frontal lens to create soft edges on request
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