Magneos Projector – Outstanding lighting tool

Magneos MCS501/502/503 C

Magneos MCS501/502/503 C

Product family information

The Magneos family of projectors represents an outstanding lighting tool for shops, packing advanced Philips technology into a compact, contemporary design to deliver dramatic accent lighting effects.Magneos offers a choice of sizes and light sources, as well as a variety of optics, accessories and color finishes – enabling retailers to configure their own solution. As well as a Micro version (with CDM-Tm 20/35 W), the range includes subtle Mini models (with MASTERColour CDM-Tc Elite 35/70 W lamps) for applications with low ceiling heights and Compact versions (with CDM-T Elite up to 150 W) for powerful spotlighting from higher ceilings.All HID versions include energy-saving electronic gear to optimize lamp life and lower energy consumption.


Dramatic accent lighting effects
Energy savings
Retailers can configure their own solution
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