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Extra Narrow Beam Spot

Extra Narrow Beam Spot – add drama to your shop windows

Extra Narrow Beam Spot

      Product family information

      Store owners want to create attractive displays in their shop windows by highlighting their products with high-quality light and eye-catching contrasts. With its outstanding, uniform light and extra-narrow beam angle, our LED-based Extra Narrow Beam Spot offers the ideal solution for this. It also delivers significant energy savings and eliminates the need for lamp replacement – a tremendous advantage over halogen.


      Creates contrast to highlight specific features in the shop window
      Optimum quality of light
      Over 80% energy saving and no need for lamp replacement, without any compromise on light quality


      Extra-narrow beam angle: 8° with hardly any spill light, creating a sharp contrast
      Very high color homogeneity within the beam
      Very high color consistency between individual spots (1 SDCM colour spread)


      Retail spaces
      Shop windows
      Product family details
      • ST390T
      Light source
      • Non-replaceable LED module
      Power (+/-10%)
      • 17 W
      Beam angle
      Luminous flux
      • 738 or 760 lm
      Correlated Color Temperature
      • 2700 or 3000 K
      Color Rendering Index
      • 85
      Median useful life L70B50
      • 70,000 hours
      Median useful life L80B50
      • 50,000 hours
      Median useful life L90B50
      • 25,000 hours
      Driver failure rate
      • 1% per 5000 hours
      Average ambient temperature
      • +25 ºC
      Operating temperature range
      • +10 to +35 ºC
      • Built-in
      Mains voltage
      • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
      • Non-dimming
      • Housing: aluminum and plastic
      • Optic: PMMA
      • Black
      • Narrow beam
      • Push-in connector or with pull relief
      • No internal cleaning required
      • On 3-circuit track
      • Through-wiring not possible
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