OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab - re-think the ceiling

OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab

OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab

OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab

    • Glare-free light distribution that prevents shadows
    • Enhanced room acoustics thanks to noise reduction
    • Integrates perfectly with building management systems (DALI/Dynalite)


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Product family information

Many business customers want a lighting solution that recalls the feeling of natural daylight, creating a calm and peaceful environment. They want great functional lighting that feels as good as it looks. Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab is an impressive ultra-thin and compact standard unit with an excellent uniform light distribution. It also helps improve the acoustics in a room and meets the most stringent fire safety standards. The result is a ceiling unit that produces an amazing light effect while the light source remains hidden from view. With its minimalistic design, this slim, compact unit will blend in perfectly with any interior.


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