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    The ES is a cost effective fixture that is popular in a wide range of applications. The clean and crisp look of the ES makes it an ideal choice for retail and open plan office applications. The ES series is versatile and allows flexibility in design. With a variety of lamp and reflector material options available, the ES series can be designed to meet any need. Other options, including emergency battery back-up and 14 gauge wire guard, further enhance the usability of this economical fixture series. The ES outfitted with Diffuse Amwhite reflector and High Lumen T8 lamps is an aesthetically pleasing, high efficiency solution that is popular in many retail applications. Included in this fixture’s unique design is the ability to run in tandem up to 16 linear feet. Designed with a ballast door compartment, this fixture offers it all: tremendous light output, great lighting spread, white sleek appearance, even illumination both up and down and now ease of maintenance. Applications include: retail, office spaces and supermarkets.



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