4MX014 TL-D IP63 closed reflector units – Extra protection

Maxos, TL-D IP63 reflector units

Maxos, TL-D IP63 reflector units

Maxos, TL-D IP63 reflector units

  • 4MX014 TL-D IP63 closed reflector units – Extra protection


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Product family information

Maxos IP63 closed reflector units are ready-to-install luminaires dedicated for Maxos light-line system and designed for industrial applications where good protection of reflectors against dust is requested in particular automotive industry or food industry. The unit can be easily cleaned with wet cloth if necessary.The housing is made of white coated steel; the cover from tempered glass or optional from polycarbonate (PC), inner aluminum reflector.Maxos IP63 closed reflector units are combining the functions of Maxos electrical units, reflectors and covers. Designed for reliable mounting against Maxos light-line sections in TL-D length. For electrical connection to the light line a connector block is mounted on top of the units. Mechanical connection is realized by a safe bracket with knee-lever clasp around the light line. IP63 classification is valid for complete lamp, optical and ballast compartment however total system including IP20 light-line sections is IP20.The standard range is 1-lamp and 2-lamp TL-D 58 W with HF or conventional ballast and TL5 80 W with HF ballast, all to be mounted against TL-D Maxos light-line system, optional with EL3 emergency lighting.The units come with inner aluminum reflectors for wide-beam (WB) or asymmetrical-beam (A) light distribution. White louvers (4MX093 1/2 58 L-IP63-unit WH) are available as accessories.Please note that Maxos is not designed for regular humid environment.


Easy to install
IP63 for the complete lamp, optical system and ballast
The unit can easily be cleaned with only a wet cloth
Choice of two beams and covers
Easy access to lamps and ballast


Automotive assembly lines
Industrial areas with dust or pollution (cleanable front screen)
Food-processing industry
Product family details
  • 4MX014
Light source
  • Fluorescent:
  • 1 x or 2 x MASTER TL-D / G13 / 58 W or 1 x or 2 x TL5 80 W
  • Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
  • High Frequency Performer (HFP)
  • Wide beam (-WB)
  • Asymmetric (-A)
  • Emergency lighting: 3 hours (EL3)
  • Housing: steel, white coated
  • Cover: tempered glass (GT) or polycarbonate (PC) (optional)
  • Steel, white inlay louver (4MX093 1/2/58 L-IP63-unit WH)
  • The electrical connection to the trunking is realized via a pre-mounted connector block, the mechanical connection via a bracket with knee-lever clasp around the trunking
  • IP63 for optical compartment inclusive lamp- and ballast compartment only, can be used with regular IP20 flat ribbon trunkings
Main applications
  • Industry: automotive and food (cleanable front screen)

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