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Maxos, TL-D electrical units

Maxos, TL-D electrical units

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The electrical units for Maxos TL-D light-line sections are designed for quick and reliable click-in mounting. They are made of steel with a white or silver finish. A connector block is mounted for electrical connection to the light line. The electrical units are equipped with electronic ballasts (possibly dimming or DALI ballasts) or low-loss conventional ballasts. The conventional ballasts are available parallel compensated (IC) or inductive (I). The units can hold 1 or 2 TL-D lamps.Dimmable versions are delivered with the HFR electronic ballast, allowing the light output of the TL-D lamps to be regulated from 3 to 100%. HFR and HF-DALI units must be mounted to light-line sections with 7-wire cable.Emergency lightingSpecial electrical units equipped with an emergency battery pack of 1 or 3 hours (EL1/EL3) are available. These units must be used with 7-wire light-line sections. If light lines with double wiring are used, one flat ribbon cable will be connected to the central battery. This provides a completely separate emergency lighting circuit. Only standard electrical units equipped with electronic ballasts can be used for emergency lighting.The trunking is available with a complete range of interchangeable components that optimize flexibility. Some 2-lamp-version reflectors need dedicated electrical units (F32) with a short distance between the lamps. On request, the electrical units can be upgraded from IP20 to IP40 with an IP40 set that is available as an accessory.


Electrical units for Maxos trunking sections can hold 1 or 2 TL5 or TL-D lamps and are designed for quick and reliable click-in mounting
Can be equipped with HFP electronic ballasts, HFR dimming ballasts, HF-DALI ballasts or low-loss conventional ballasts for all current and future applications
Special electrical units with emergency battery pack for 1 or 3 hours of operation are available
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